Political Corruption Rife With Mining & Resources
I started looking into the political corruption surrounding the coal industry and the Liberal National Party (LNP) and how it all ties together after watching this video.
What this video shows you is the power big corporations have over the LNP and how the LNP are all part of the corporation. Actually the Australian Government Political Bureaucracy has registered the Commonwealth of Australia as a Private Corporation of the United States of America, more to this story HERE.
Through the power of the internet and independent media it is possible to expose the corruption and greed involving politicians and their corporate masters. Unless a majority of people do something about it, you had better brace your selves to soon be under total control of a handful of major world wide corporations / banks (Big Brother), who will treat you like mushrooms, keeping you in the dark and feeding you bullshit, which is already happening at an ever increasing rate. Your freedoms as you know them will disappear and you will be nothing more than a consumer and a slave to the machine. Not all will be included, the rest will be destitute in the wilderness of the streets or incarcerated.
I have gathered many more links to the corruption and secrecy that goes on behind the backs of the Quiet Australians in relation to the Mining and Resources Industries and their political puppets.
Links to the Corruption and the Corruptible’s
The $444 Million Dollar Question
Donations to Political Parties
Donations from the fossil fuel industry to the major political parties in Australia is rife, to the point of obscenity and in the lead up to the May 2019 Federal Election, rose another 32% during 2017/2018 to $1,277,933. This amount is only what has been disclosed and could even be 5 to 10 times higher, because of the lax political disclosure rules and dark money donations. Also more than one-quarter of federal politicians go on to post-politics jobs for special interests, where their relationships can help open doors.
This Was Convenient
Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink, Say No More, it's the Palmer and Clive Show
That's about all for now, sure to be more to come, the LNP will not be able to help themselves.
UPDATED - 15 APR 2020