Media Control by Australia’s Secret Government
Isn’t it funny how the Federal Police go all out under the direction of potato heads Department of Home Affairs, where media agencies, reporters and whistleblowers are reporting on legitimate public interest stories that all Australian citizens should know about, especially where corrupt politicians and government agencies are concerned. But when it comes down to the will of the Federal Police to investigate the crimes and corruption of politicians and government agencies, they tend to be a do nothing, weak willed and lily-livered organisation.
The following information that I have been looking into will show you how the government administration like to use and abuse their power to intimidate organisations and individuals who dare expose the crimes, corruption and deceit of the Australian Government and it’s agencies.
Australian Secret Intelligence Service Bugs Timor-Leste Government
Read the following story to get an idea of what was going on where the greedy Liberals abused their trust, spying on a poorer neighbour nation (Timor-Leste) over underwater oil and gas reserves that lay between it and Australia, to gain an unfair advantage during the negotiations to carve up oil and gas reserves in the Timor Sea. Unfortunately the reckless actions of politicians and their bureaucracy shed a very poor image of Australia and its people for the world to see.
I have nothing more to add to this as the story speaks for itself, revealing how corrupt and deceitful the Australian Liberal Party were and still are, nothing has changed, has got a lot worse since then, God only knows what they have been up to since and to this day, as they are a secret society unto themselves, now with the Nationals in tow. This is why they want to introduce even more draconian laws with a purpose to intimidate, under the guise of National Security, to discourage concerned citizens of Australia from exposing the goings on's of a contemptible and corrupt Australian Liberal Government, karma is catching up with them and they are getting scared.
The following link is a classic case of where the Government use the good old 'Go To Jail' threat, if you publish material that will put the government and it's involved participants of criminality, corruption or deceit in the spotlight, by using the open ended National Security Secrecy clauses they implement to make it very difficult for anyone trying to expose their criminal and corrupted wrong doings.
It is concerning how Australia has become the most oppressive democracy in the world, it might not even be classed as a democracy anymore as the government is becoming more dictatorial at an ever increasing rate.
They even use the National Security mantra to hide facts all Australians should know about, what have the political elite got to hide.
The Liberal elite have instructed the Federal Police to conduct raids
I am continuing to compile more information. More to come soon.
UPDATED - 15 APR 2020