The Foreign Invasion of Our Nation
I do not have anything against the ordinary citizens from around the world, they are trying to survive the same as we have to under their corrupted systems. Just as it is in Australia, I dislike the ethics of the people who run those countries, especially their financial institutions and corporations who are greedy and evil and they will get very nasty if you do not give them what they want and they don’t get their way.
Although America only owns about 1 percent of land in Australia, the data from ASX top 20 companies shows the US owns half at about 1020%, other countries own about 540% and Australia owns under a quarter at about 440% out of a total of 2000%. So this shows how the Australian government has allowed our country to be sold out to multinational financial interests.
Foreign ownership of our farmland is currently at about 11% the UK, Canada and the US own the majority of this, but it has been increasing at a rapid rate in the last few years as China has been stepping it up and Canada has also been in on the action recently, so this shows how the real Australians must take back our country out of the hands of our corrupt leaders because they are rapidly selling us out. Although I have not yet investigated this but I wouldn’t mind betting this 11% is large scale, high yeilding primary production farmland, that may require a lot more demand from an already stressed river system.
Foreign ownership of water entitlements is also currently at about 11%, of that about 9.5% being the Murray/Darling basin and of that 9.5% about 22% being the northern basin, according to Agriculture Minister David Littleproud the figures are not alarming, yeah! he would considering he don’t have to live down stream of massive cotton irrigation and the associated flood plain harvesting going into huge tax payer funded private dams. This is the reason why their are ongoing demonstrations happening in Wilcannia NSW, organised by people who want real and dramatic change to how the water is being mishandled, for the benefit of community and the environment, rather than for the benefit of a small number of huge corporations that have a mentality of profit over everything else.
The Australian bureaucracy may tell you that their is only a small percentage of foreign ownership of Australia, but it has recently been expanding at a rapid rate and it wont be too long before it turns into a large percentage, to the point that the foreign capital share will get too big for us to buy it back, if it isn’t already too late.
Water Ownership
Canadian Pension Funds have literally gone nuts to buy Australian water and nut farms.
Farm Ownership
Cubbie Station who once was 80% Chinese owned has sold down 49% to Macquarie Group Limited, an Australian multinational independent investment bank and financial services company. Even though an Australian corporation and have a philanthropic arm, I doubt that they would be any more sympathetic to small farming operations and irrigators below them as they are a profit driven company, I may be wrong, we will see, cotton = money.
Milk & Dairy Ownership
Food Ownership
Corporate Ownership
UPDATED - 15 APR 2020